Interest in coffee comes from vision, thought and experience. Its reasonable to suggest the thing that captures people in coffee is the same thing that makes us (baristas, roasters, owners, managers, waiters etc) tick, so why do we shelter our customers?

The single most damning thing a coffee company can do is underestimate their customers. I’ll add here that its very easy and understandable to do and that I’ve been known to write failed initiatives off to “them not being ready for x, y, z…”, overlooking or turning a blind eye to whatever the true cause of the failure was. I guess the key is clarity of communication and therefore, clarity of ideas.

People love information, especially information they can grasp. My suggestion is that we can access much more in our customers than we realise, IF we have good communication and we exhibit and expect intelligence.

All that is left then is courage. Belief in good coffee, good people and good ideas goes a long way, what an encouraging thing.


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