University – project “brain melt”

I really don’t have time to be writing here – three major essays due in a week and a half, all three around 1/3 completed. You could reasonably assume my posting here to be a form of chronic and desperate procrastination. It is. HOWEVER I am determined not to waste this time, instead I’d like to ask a few questions of my amazingly dedicated readers – incidentally thanks for the support through the post free uni spell, nice to see hits popping up every day.

Ok. So until I get a chance to read all of the fallout from the SCAA conference – probably never going to happen, I would love to know in which direction you think the majority of discussion and growth is going to go for the next 12 months or so? The saturation of environmentally sustainable info in my head right now may be an influence in my thinking that the increasingly thoughtful and organisationally disruptive direct trade models are evolving in a cool way and I’d like to see more conversation about that. I’m interested to know what you folks are thinking and talking about.

In a semi-related aside I’ve been delving into academic studies on trade liberalisation and fairtrade for an essay on Inequality and Sustainability and will (once written) post it here for y’all to read – it’s been a full on journey let me tell you, and if I’ve learned anything at this stage it is this, question everything about the attributes you give your coffee. What do we mean when we say ‘fairly traded’, ‘organic’, ‘shadegrown’, ‘carbon neutral’ or ‘sustainable’? I’m going to post the Fair Trade standards for coffee here and also the Rainforest Alliance standards which incidentally are actually the ISEAL standards.

Sorry about the lapse in posting too – I’d love to say that’s at it’s end but alas I doubt that to be true.

Other questions I’ve been thinking about are the following.
– What effect does the cross germination of coffee communities with other interest groups have on each of them and how should we approach their introduction?


– How much would you pay for a french press or pour over (brewed coffee) coffee consisting of 2-3 cups in volume?

Hit the comments section with your responses,



here are the two documents I mentioned –


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