Pics from breadmaker roaster

Here are the promised photos from the roasting session a few days ago – so far the five 200gm batches I did have cupped much better than previous batches and are only going to mature in the next few days. I took a hacksaw to the breadmaker body to aid the speed with which it cools, worked well and way lots of fun. Apologies for horrendously shit photo quality, the ol’ N95 camera certainly does not cut the mustard, but a real camera would have required me to have a third (and possibly fourth) arm, not very practical. You get the idea though. I also relocated the thermocouple probe into the base of the pan, making for very predicable and useful temp readings.

Just before I cooled the batch

Right before First crack

Early on

Breadmaker lite™

Thanks for the great readership so far folks!




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