The C Bomb

Caffeine. The great equivocator; the more you consume, the less you can consume. What a delicious trade off.

If I had a penny for every time the heart palpitations and cold sweats/hot flushes have (almost) prevented me from enjoying an incredible coffee , well I’d have more pennies. I can’t help but be slightly amused every time a seemingly hung over, or in fact still wasted, customer approaches the counter asking for a super-caffeinated-eye-popping-seizure-inducing-paranoia-heightening-heart-rate-escalating mother-of-a-coffee, thinking it’s going to save them and make then look like a hero at the same time. Sure it’s going to taste ok, and yep they are going to be more alert, but the reality of a 5 shot monster latte is this; even though it might make the recipient feel more adequate as a bloke when ordering it, within minutes of consuming said latte, he’s going to have a much clearer idea of how bad his hangover really is.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a decent caffeine high as much as the next guy, but surely its a side benefit to drinking heaps of awesome coffee. I guess I’m just tired of feeling those desperate eyes, silently pleading with me to say “Wow, 5 shots in your latte, you must have (had) a big one.” and not “Wow 5 shots in your latte, that’s going to taste intense”.

I like the sentiment the dude at Transcend Coffee finished his recent blog with, which was roughly “Drink less, more frequently.”

Wise words.

I almost forgot the picture for the post, here is a snap of what I thought looked like a dude in the bottom of my esp cup. Maybe if I was to turn my cup around 3 times and chant, he’d fill my cup with whatever amazing coffee I ask for? 




2 Responses to “The C Bomb”

  1. Ryan on Coffee Says:

    It’s Jesus!
    The son-in-a-cup of god-in-a-cup!
    Nice post. Do people really have five shots? Yikes. What is the lethal dose of caffeine (something around 1g, I think), and can you fit it in an 8oz cup?

    • nicwalker Says:

      dude, the amount of retarded coffees you see ordered and promptly consumed in some of the shops i’ve worked in is ridiculous. I’m not sure 1kg of caffeine is a conceivable quantity – my brain is more likely to be able to comprehend a one on one conversation with God than what that much caffeine would look like, or fit into! Hey, also I’ve been missing your posts man, they rock, I’m looking forward to the next one. Cheers, N

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