Photos, Catharticism and Caution to the Wind

After hesitating for months, trying to decide the best way to approach my blog, I’ve decided to simply write it. I’ve also decided that I tent to prefer blogs with pictures, possibly due to a fondness for children’s literature or a short attention span, so I’m going to attempt a few photos for each post as we go along.

A brief idea of what to expect.

I’m no expert on coffee but I’ve worked for several companies and entertain a strong affection for all things coffee. Kinda half enthusiast, half professional. I’m planning on writing about shop related coffee stuff, general domestic stuff, maybe a bit on home roasting, and a bit of strategy stuff too.

With writing, being such a great, expressive medium, and with the internet being so densely populated with seriously¬†pro coffee blogs, I’m feeling inclined at the moment not to self censor too much here, but instead to share my thoughts about the possibly less talked about aspects of being a coffee person and to get emotional damn it!

So, first up I thought I’d post a couple pics I’ve taken during various syphon, plunger, and espresso sessions at home, here they are!

I was considering doing the flickr thing, as so many coffee people have, but I seriously cannot be bothered with yet another username and password to remember/write in my ever growing “things to remember” book of amnesia.

Ok, I’ll bail for now.




One Response to “Photos, Catharticism and Caution to the Wind”

  1. BigPhilWalks Says:

    Good stuff mate, bring it on!

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